Classic: Damn The Machine, Self Titled, 1993

damn the machineThis album is as far as I know the only output from Damn The Machine to have ever seen the light of day. And as it is featured in the Classic Series, you can bet I think that is a crying shame.

Consisting of brothers Chris (guitars and backing vocals) and Mark (drums and backings) Poland, David Randi (bass and backings) and Dave Clemmons (lead vocals and guitars), this is a tasty bite of metal with quite some progressive twists. On a Fates Warning scale of things, so no über complex wall of notes and ever changing time signatures here. But true to the genre, with plenty of style and mood variations.

One of the more remarkable features of this album is the sound. While some may be put off by it’s dry nature, I really love this type of production when it is done this good. It is crystal clear, you hear it is metal yet is is far from heavy, it has a lot of room to breathe and is not compressed to death. Quite unique, even for 1993 standards.

Clemmons voice might be an acquired taste, but I dig him. Lots of harmony vocals, so in the total picture this comes out pretty melodic. And with a guitar player of Chris Poland calibre on board, you can be assured of tasty playing and non standard riffing. Only one flaw to detect: why only one album?