Classic: Dio, Holy Diver, 1983

Dio - Holy DiverTo me it is import to never forget the magic that Ronnie James Dio has added to my life. So some 30 years after it´s original release I am proud to write some words about his first solo release. Well solo, with band member like Vinny Appice on drums, Jimmy Bain on bass and Vivian Campbell on guitars, it probably is more of a band effort. And the man´s voice is as strong here as on anything he did over the years.

This release holds many a live favourite from Dio. The disk opens with Stand Up And Shout, a ferocious rocker. Next track Holy Diver opens with a keyboard intro that brings back the good old Rainbow Days. The song itself, with it´s steady mid tempo groove is also considered a Dio classic by his fans. Gypsy and Caught In The Middle are fine album tracks. But when Don´t Talk to Stranger opens, you know you are in for a treat within seconds of its start. Clean guitars, a voice whispering and than that voice, warning us for evil… they will only bring us down! And after that the songs really kicks into gear and has you banging your head. Another highlight on the album is of course the anthem Rainbow In the Dark. An un-typical keyboard addition really attracts and adds to the already charming riff. Never get tired of hearing that one.

So with the rest of the songs we have a timeless piece of hard rock that stands the test of time with ease. So he may be gone, but will never be forgotten!