Classic: Enchant, Wounded, 1996

enchant - woundedMy first album from Enchant was actually their second release. But ever since, I have been buying all their output without a second thought. Something about this must feel right to my ears šŸ˜‰

And looking back, I think it is safe to say that anyone into melodic prog rock will fall for the opening sequence of Below Zero. Great guitar playing from main writer Douglas Ott and the voice of Ted Leonard does the rest. I can fully understand why Spock’s Beard asked him to join, although many moons later than this. But I do not want to forget to mention the rest of the band, Ed Platt on bass sometimes added a bit of funkiness, Paul Craddick on drums, keeping time whatever the signature and Mike Geimer tickling the ivories, played an equal part in impressing me. Over time the band improved on recording quality, and always delivered the goods. But as often is the case, nothing feels like the first time. So whether it is the melancholy of Fade 2 Grey, the almost singer songwriter opening to Pure, the tasty Broken or the a little influenced by Marillion sounds of Hostile World, this album is a perfect time machine. And more songs to follow of course.

The riffing, the melodic phrasing, flashy guitar interludes, the high vocals soaring, Enchant do just that.