Classic: Fischer Z, Red Skies Over Paradise, 1981

Fischer Z - Red Skies Over ParadiseAn exponent of the New Wave generation, Fischer Z released this all time classic in 1981 and conquered my attention with it. Recently I bought the CD version as the vinyl copy is probably down to it’s last couple of spins 😉

So what is there to like about this album? Well, there are those intelligent lyrics. Whether cunning like in Marliese, or You’ll Never find Brian Here, or social aware like in Cruise Missiles or Multinationals Bite. And all this wrapped in songs with staying power. In my humble opinion due to the fact there is a healthy dose of rock infused. And of course the songs and melodies itself. The already mentioned Marliese was a big hit in Mainland Europe, but to me, every song counts. Berlin is a perfect opener and immediately grabs your attention. The title track is s great example of how you can marry the new wave synthesisers sounds with guitars and play it all over rhythms made famous by The Police. You’ll Never Find Brian Here is a very funny song with addictive hooks, while Battalions Of Strangers impresses with it’s synthesiser arrangement and lyrics. Tracks like In England or Song And Dance Brigade may still reflect the time they were created in, they also are able to keep you interested.
Last but not least I want to mention the bass lines in various songs. Often very clever and off the map, yet providing a steady support as well.

So, in case you missed it at the time, a gem to own. I am sure it will prove a keeper.