Classic: Galactic Cowboys, 1991

galactic cowboysThe now sadly defunct Galactic Cowboy were a somewhat strange band. What is this style they play? Is it progressive metal, alternative, rock ´n roll with a twist? I am just not sure. But what I am sure of is that they created music that attracted me big time. Not only for their sense of humour (just check all the Ranch On Mars songs on their various albums, or the interludes on the Space In Your Face CD, the artwork, or CD titles), but also for their sense of melody and harmonies (reminiscent of that other alt rock band King´s X, and I am quite confident they also like The Beatles). Not to forget the quirkiness involved in their song writing. You just never know what will happen in a song!

From their back catalogue I choose their first album, the self titled Galactic Cowboys. First track I´m Not Amused showcases everything I said before. Lush melodies and harmonies, and still some parts that put you on the wrong foot. The same applies to My School, a beautiful melancholic chorus is followed by some heavy accented rhythmic work out. And with songs of about 6 minutes (not all, they range from 1 to 11 minutes) it is a good thing too they are so unpredictable. Makes it easy listening to this time and again. I could go on about this band, but I will leave something for your imagination.

If you have a broad taste and never heard them, I recommend you correct that as soon as possible and pick up some of their stuff. Don´t be surprised if you end up buying it all. This is addictive music!