Classic: Genesis, Trespass, 1970

genesis - trespassBeing one of modern history´s most successful bands, it is of course neigh impossible to choose the one album that says it all about Genesis. So instead of that route, I choose this, their second album.

Why you ask? Well first because this already shows the charisma Peter Gabriel has. His voice cuts through the music like a knife through butter. His delivery already as capturing as the stage theatrics the band was developing.
Second because the nexus of Tony Banks (keyboards) and Mike Rutherford (guitars and bass) are already in place and developing their skills. On this album Ant Phillips played guitar and John Mayhew handled drums. After this release they were replaced by Steve Hackett and Phil Collins and the rest, as they say, is history.

Third: in the 6 lengthy songs much of the band´s sound is already rearing it´s head. Mellotron, acoustic guitar, flute, various time signatures, dynamic arrangements, you name it. So from here the band went to create some timeless classics and sold a whole bunch of records. With the follow ups of songs like Looking For Someone, Visions Of Angels or The Knife, that is more than fair.  Maybe not their best, and probably not their most successful. Yet a testament of things to come. And things were often stunning…


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