Classic: Giant, Last Of The Runaways, 1989

Giant - Last_Of_The_RunawaysTalking about bursting unto the scene! The opening guitar of I’m A Believer shook many a home at the day, believe me! Well at least, I used to play it loud in order to feel that monster tone and guitar wizardry… Of course Dann Huff already had made a name for himself, playing with for instance White Heart. The others in this quarters were seasoned players as well: Alan Pasqua  on keyboards, brother David on drums and Mike Brignardello on bass. Together with producer Terry Thomas they cooked up this monster of a melodic hard rock album.

Because that first track might have been big, when you can follow that up with songs like Innocent Days (more face melting guitar), I can’t Get Close Enough (more guitar) or the very tasty ballad I’ll See You In My Dreams, you know things are going the right way. But every song of the eleven on offer counts, we are talking about a classic!
And while Huff was a genius guitar player, he was a very convincing singer too. And the experience of the band made sure they were not treading on all too familiar grounds. All songs have a good hook, strong melodies, backed with clever vocal harmonies and not only provided a solid base for Huff to excel on with the guitar, there were also enough turns left or right to make the songs withstand the test of time. In fact, to this day it sounds fresh!

So there you go, a shame they came alive in what might have been the worst period for rock music. Still I cherish their albums, brilliant stuff!