Classic: Heart, Dreamboat Annie, 1976

Heart - Dreamboat AnnieEvery decade since the seventies has seen Heart score hits. And no matter what period or song got you into the band of sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, you are probably a fan for life.
Especially if you ever witnessed them live (the vocal power of Ann is larger than life, and Nancy surprises with lead and backing vocals, as well as with her guitar playing), one can only remain feeling impressed.

Alas I don´t own their complete back catalogue , but I felt I had to honour them with a 70`s record. So Dreamboat Annie it is! If you own a Best Of, you are probably familiar with tracks like Magic Man or Crazy On You. The latter is somewhat reminiscent of one of my favourite tracks from them: Barracuda. But that´s another story. Both are classic rockers that showcase the selling points of the band I mentioned earlier.
People into Heart may know they like the folk side of bands like Led Zeppelin. Here songs like Dreamboat Annie or Soul Of The Sea are further proof of that.

Of course the sound is a testament of the time. It is clear, but has little to do with the nowadays popular heavily compressed output. Actually I find the dynamics of this much easier on the ears and thus more enjoyable.
No doubt in my mind that Heart are still a valid force to reckon with. Dig deeper into their output if you only know their eighties hits!