Classic: House Of Shakira, Lint, 1997

house of shakira - lintListening to the recent House Of Shakira album Sour Grapes, my thoughts automatically drifted back to their 1997 debut Lint. So I decided to dig it out and gave it another play. And man, what a great album this still is. So here goes another “Classic” post.

The album opens with somewhat mysterious Middle-East sounding singing, and it does not take long before the song Morning Over Morocco kicks in. And kick it does! I seem to remember that their singer at the time, Andreas Eklund, had been living in Africa for a while, so that might explain the Eastern flavours that pop up throughout the album. Giving it a bit of extra sizzle, like the title song Lint so aptly proves. Great energy and stunning harmony vocals if you ask me.
Method Of Madness opens with some beefy guitar and melodic singing. When the band kicks in, those harmony vocals again take centre stage and seduce you. Nobody sings Hi Hi Hi as good as they do! But don’t think this is all fluffy, far from it. The guitars and solos are top notch as well, no rest for the wicked here. Song number 4, named No: 8, is a beautiful semi ballad. An organ supports the guitars well, and Eklund delivers a heartfelt lyric. Who’s Lying Now would make Journey jealous, such is its melodic appeal. Elephant Gun is another face melter, great groove and that chorus is another one to die for. Did I mention they do stunning harmony vocals? Anyway, only half way through, but you will get the message.

Anybody who claims to love melodic rock needs to give this a home!