Classic: Iron Maiden, Somewhere In Time, 1986

Iron Maiden - Somewhere in timeRecently I was playing the latest release of Iron Maiden (The Final Frontier) but, as it has been a long time since I posted a Classic review, I decided for doing a post about an album from their past. Mind you, not because that recent album is no good!

And I can imagine some people will not understand why I choose just this one, their Somewhere In Time opus. After all, it has those “dreaded” keyboards featuring prominently. And that was something many a fan had to chew upon. But not me, I have always been  a sucker for the added colour of synthesisers or their more analogue equivalents. So I plainly like this album a lot. Even if only for 2 of my personal Maiden favourites, Wasted Years and Stranger In  A Strange Land. But of course that would be short selling the CD. There are many more tracks on offer here that are vintage Maiden, if not all. Like opener Caught Somewhere In Time, Heaven Can Wait, or The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner. That title alone is classic Maiden.

At the time Iron Maiden still was a quintet, with of course Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson. But also Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Nicko McBrain. Housed in another beautiful and detailed cover, a great album to play every once in a while. So if you decided against it at the time, give it a try, it will prove you wrong!