Classic: It Bites, Eat Me In St. Louis, 1989

it bites - eat me in st louisOut of the 3 disks this band released in the 80’s, it is hard choosing. They all have that special quality that makes me still enjoy them very much.

The first reason I like this band is their singer, and guitarist extra ordinaire Francis Dunnery (whose solo albums afterwards are very different, but still full of class). His soloing is out of this planet and distinctive. Second it´s the way they were able to melt rock and pop into high quality songs, filled to the brim with musicianship, melody and adventure. Never a dull moment!

Just take a look at the songs on display on this third album, their last studio album with the original cast of FD, John Beck on keyboards and vocals, Bob Dalton on drums and vocals and Dick Nolan on bass and vocals. A lot of vocals in the band, which created wonderful harmonies.

The album starts with a rocking Positively Animal, which sets the mood brilliantly for what is to follow. Track Still Too Young To Remember should have been a number 1 hit all over the world if there was any justice. Humour was never far away in the lyrics of this band, with songs like Underneath Your Pillow or People Of America being more testimony to that. But the absolute highlight of the album to me is the stunning drama that is The Ice Melts Into Water. A true heartbreaking lyric about losing a daughter. And music to match.

At the time the band got some criticism about being too loud at times. I think they were light-years ahead. In recent years the band has been revived and is releasing new material with former fan John Mitchel (o.a. Arena) stepping admirably in the shoes of Francis. Their return is welcome, but please check out their career start.