Classic: Jeff Beck, Guitar Shop, 1989

Jeff Beck - Guitar shopTo some it may be sacrilege, but this was my first encounter with the fabulous fretwork of one Jeff Beck. Together with Tony Hymas on keyboards and Terry Bozzio on drums he created this wonderful album.  The trio not only played and wrote, but also produced it, although the latter together with Leif Mases.

Opening with the title track which is interlaced with lines from musical instruments adverts. You know, “super slinky” and ” feel those frets” never were the same after that 😉 . In the beginning I did not realize that Beck plays without plectrum. But even without knowing that, it is obvious there is genius at work here. And not only from Beck, we should not forget the other two rank pretty high upon the genius ladder as well.
Next track Savoy has a lovely boogie feel and mixes melody with technical prowess from the gents. Melody being key here. Great when instrumental music makes you forget it is actually that. Behind the Veil is built on a reggae feel and has a beautiful heartfelt melody that is pure gold. Amazing how the track flows and keeps you interested.  Then Big Block comes shuffling in. Parts of it are bent into bluesy riffing, but the drums make it impossible to resist the beat. And then that guitar solo. Such class! Where Were You is a showcase for the craftsmanship and feel that Jeff puts into his guitar. Even if you listen just ones to the opening sequence, I am pretty sure you can only admire the feel that comes pouring out of your speaker. Heart tearing!

A career that started in the sixties I believe (with more hits than you can now think of), and still going strong… How is that for classic!

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