Classic: Kansas, Point Of Know Return, 1977

kansas - point of know returnTo me this has always been one of the most enigmatic albums from Kansas. All that there is to love about the band shines in abundance here. Besides their classic hit Dust In The Wind (which in all honesty I think is one of their lesser songs), we get a load of unbelievable wealthy progressive rock tunes.

Trademarks in the Kansas sound are of course the violin (and voice) of Robby Steinhardt, the mighty voice and organ of Steve Walsh, the guitars (and a bunch of other instruments) of Kerry Livgren and the rhythm section of Dave Hope on bass and Phil Ehart on drums. And let us not forget the imagery painted in the often very intelligent lyrics. Little simple I love you lines here.

And while the band are able to write and play impressive instrumental pieces (or a track like The Spider) it are tracks like the stunning Portrait (He Knew), Paradox or Lightning´s Hand that really get my heart pumping. Also the more epic tracks like Closet Chronicles and especially the beautiful Nobody´s Home are testament of the band´s qualities.
But be it for the obvious hit, or any reason that appeals to you, this is an album every home should own!

Of course the band have released many albums over the years and I can actually recommend them all. In case you hardly know them, this is a good place to start though.


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