Classic: Kate Bush, Hounds Of Love, 1985

kate bush - hounds of loveJust realised I haven’t done a classic in quite a while, so here we go again. Guess it is pretty obvious that most people know at least 2 songs from this album:  Running Up That Hill (covered many times) and Cloudbusting. Heck, a lot of people from around my age will even remember the videos for those, as this album was released at a time when music TV actually meant something… That is, if you were a teen in the eighties. And I am still not tired of hearing them.

Well for me this album was the start of my admiration of Kate. In all honesty I don’t care much for the dancing, but to me her voice and song writing has magic to it. Well okay, she is pretty as well 😉
Not just for those two hits, this album has a lot more to offer. The lyrics have a bit of mysticism surrounding them, and often this is transferred to the music. Under Ice and Waking The Witch still give me the creeps! But a song like Mother Stands For Comfort is so beautiful it almost hurts.  Originally released on vinyl of course, the album has 2 distinct sides: Hounds Of Love with the singles and the more warm and upbeat stuff. And The Ninth Wave is in essence a 7 song suite depicting the story of someone who is in the water and is visited by past present and future to keep them awake to avoid drowning. Strong imagery here!

For many her best ever, and even more impressive when you realise she wrote and produced it herself, at the age of 27. Still recording and releasing music, even if not very regularly, Kate Bush remains an exceptional talent.