Classic: King’s X, Faith Hope Love, 1990

King's X - Faith Hope LoveIt is almost impossible to choose a King’s X album that really stands out from the others. That is, when considering the first 5 they released. Hey, I am talking about 5 albums in a row here people!

King’s X are one of those bands that have an immediate distinct sound. Performing as a three piece, with all members singing (and what harmonies!) and for the rest made up of drums, bass and guitar, they have a back catalogue that would put a lot of greats to shame. Alas, they are not one of those big all time stars. And that is a really big shame!

To me, King’s X are a bunch of extremely gifted musicians who write high class songs with groove, melody, feel and guts. Okay, part of the time I have little clue what they are singing about, but still, it is so damn catchy. They continue to surprise me with with vocal harmonies, switching of lead vocals, rocking work outs, blistering solo´s, pounding bass (you gotta hear that, if only once in your life) and that oh so big, yet natural drum sound. Hearing is believing.

I choose their third record mainly because it is the middle one. But all 5 albums are worth the time and effort to track down. This is a unique band with far too little recognition. Whether it are the shorter tracks like It´s Love or Mr. Wilson, or the almost 10 minute title track, this is a classic rock record that every home should own. Like any other title up to 1994. And once you get hooked (We Were Born To Be Loved !!!), I am sure you will be on your way to buy all other releases as well. It is too hard to resist, even if not all of the same calibre. But you won´t be able to buy one of their (over 12) releases from me, I am holding on to them!