Classic: Mother’s Finest, Iron Age, 1981

mother's finest - iron ageOh, I can still remember listening to this LP over and over on my room. I was and am still very impressed by Mother’s Finest. First because of the singing of Baby Jean and Glenn Murdock, with Baby Jean especially having a great set of pipes and both being very soulful.
Second it´s because of the groove in this often hard rocking tunes. The slapping of bass player Wizzard is pretty uncommon in a rock band, but oh how he drives the band forward. The guitar soloing is adding to the picture, as are the keyboards in some of their more known tracks (Piece Of The Rock anyone?).
And last but not least it is because of the songs and themes of the band. This record has to be one of the heaviest they ever made, but the songs still are catchy as hell. Whether it´s All The Way, Earthling, or that magnificent track Evolution (why wasn´t that a big hit all over the place, there is just no justice), this music puts a smile on my face even before I hit play.

After years I was able to find it on CD. Only to discover they messed up the track order and titles. But hey, don´t let that avoid you from falling in love with this as well! They made up for it with a couple of live tracks. And let me tell you, the band rule on stage…