Classic: Mr. Big, Lean Into It, 1991

Mr Big - Lean Into ItMr. Big already stirred up the music world with their debut. But nobody could have expected this massive blow to the head. Of course everyone is familiar with the massive hit To Be With You. A ballad like song that keeps getting radio airplay but is actually saying very little about the band itself… Not unlike what Dust In The Wind meant to Kansas.

Album opener Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy is a prime example of the talent that is Mr. Big. From the steady foundation of drummer Pat Torpey, the vocals of pretty boy Eric Martin, to the wizardry of bass player Billy Sheehan and guitar player Paul Gilbert (as they demonstrate working their way through a tapping solo using a battery powered drill!). This band had a lot to say and were able to bring it to the fore.

Hard rocking songs in various types (Alive & Kickin’, Lucky this Time, Never Say Never, Voodoo Kiss), to almost AOR typed themes (Just Take My Heart, Road To Ruin), they did it all. However to me the absolute album highlight is Green-tinted Sixties Mind. The playing here is again of such high calibre, yet within the format of a fantastic melodic rock song, unbelievable.

Other incarnations were a joy to hear also. But as the band have reformed recently in this very formation and have a new record in the can, times are good…


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