Classic Music and Children

During our recent holiday I again noticed how my children react to certain tracks I play. Very unpredictable! Don’t know about you, but I choose to let them listen to the music I play, instead of them bringing in their own.  I choose to think that is an important asset to their upbringing 😉

The fun part is, it is hard to tell upfront what they are gonna like. So over the years I managed to make them enjoy a bunch of classics that are always welcomed with a roar from the back of the car. Among them are likely choices as Mike And The Mechanics with Nobody’s Perfect, Journey with Separate Ways, Marillion with Beautiful, Metallica with Nothing Else Matters, Kaiser Chiefs with Ruby, Europe’s Final Countdown, Rainbow with Long Love Rock ‘n Roll, Toto’s Hold The Line or Queen’s It’s A Kind Of Magic.

But the really nice thing is, they also dig songs like Carry On Wayward Son from Kansas (very popular), Wait For Sleep from Dream Theater, Kip Winger with Daniel, or Pride & Glory’s Hate Your Guts.

Another thing that I value is that my parents will play completely different music with our children around. Often classical.

So I hope some of this will stick and make them enjoy a broader spectrum of music while growing up.