Classic: Nightwing, Stand Up And Be Counted, 1983

nightwing - stand up and be countedAh, that was a long time ago! But like with an old friend coming over for coffee, you soon get back in the vibe when you start playing this.
Labelled as hard rock, but I should add “with progressive touches”. It is no wonder singer Max Bacon later turned up in GTR joining Steve Howe and Steve Hackett.

Maybe typical of the time it was released in, this album is a great example of how this type of music should be done. Max Bacon has a voice that is easy identified, and has the ability to command a song with it. The five piece band in traditional setting with guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, knew how to write attractive songs and get your attention with album opener Let Me Be Your Lover. Straight as an arrow, plain rock.  Trading Water and The Machine show a knack for the more progressive tones, with keyboard playing a bigger role. Not unlike City Boy by the way. Dressed To Kill is another rocker, while the title track opens with mystical keyboards, with the vocals and later the band kicking in to create this mid tempo slow burner. Next Saturday is yet another rocking tune, aimed at live performances I suppose. Still In Love With You continues the album in style with a bluesy bass riff that is slowly expanded and build upon. Backing vocals are put to good use here!
There are a couple more songs before the album finishes at almost 40 minutes. But I guess you know by now that this is something you should try to pick up from the Zoom Club Records remasters series…