Classic: Nme Within, Science Krucifikktion, 1997

nme within - science krucifikktionAlas this is the only full length album of Nme Within I am aware of. From the day I heard it, this has always been an album I present as an example of how metal can be mixed with other styles (industrial, techno, progressive, trash) and still work.

Yes you read it right, the type of genres I mention may seem at odds, but this is a nifty little thing that grabs your attention from the first few seconds. I think for the most part the attraction originates from 2 things: the grooves and the melodies. The grooves because every track is a monster in its own right. Heavy maybe, but filled to the brim with energy. And the melodies attract big time. Every chorus is a winner. And all this without becoming cheesy or delivering something you have already heard a million times before.

A special mention must go to the song titles (all in consequent wrong spelling, as in the CD title, for example Illushuns Of Grandeur) and especially all the humour involved. Be it in the interludes (squeal like a pig boy) or in the hilarious texts in the booklet, the boys leave no stone unturned to prove they don`t take themselves all too seriously. Gotta love them for that alone.

So if you like a little adventure in your music and don’t own this already, try to lay your hands on it, it is so much worth the effort! At least listen to tracks like Retaliation, Dining with Theotokos, Bellikose Hamlet or I-con if you get the chance. Timeless and still relevant!