Classic: Paul Young, The Secret Of Association, 1985

paul young - the secret of associationOne of the fun things about the Classic series is the diving into my CD collection and revisiting old favourites. Always a trip down memory lane, bringing back wonderful feelings for things long gone.
Today I picked up my copy of the second Paul Young album The Secret Of Association. Probably best known for the hits Everytime You Go Away (Daryl Hall), Tomb Of Memories or Everything Must Change. To me there are other tracks on here that are of the same level, if not better.

Opening with the groove of Bite The Hand That Feeds, we hear that fabulous bass of Pino Palladino at work. Combined with Paul´s immense voice and the oh so clever arrangements, both from the other instrumentalists as from the backing vocals of the Fabulous Wealthy Tarts, cumulating into  a track that has staying power. Third track I´m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down is another contender. The bass line is unforgettable, and the sum of all parts greatly exceeds that, turning it into the monster it is.
Paul covered some interesting tunes in his career, and here there are quite a few surprises. His rendition of Tom Waits´ Soldier’s Things is impressive in delivery and arrangement. Another chilling track is G. Sutherlands I Was In Chains. Goosebumps! Thumbs up for the tracks that were his own writing as well. All this beauty led to the criminally overlooked third album Between Two Fires. But that is another story…