Classic: Pink Cream 69, Electrified, 1998

pink cream 69 - electrifiedI can still remember going to a nearby Bruce Dickinson show and coming home with this CD. Turns out Pink Cream were opening and they just blew me away. So after that I bought every album they ever released, including the older ones with Andi Deris (now Helloween) singing. And not everybody realises there are some international names on board here. Singer David Readman has sung on many a record since. And rightly so, the UK born (I think) vocalist has an impressive set of pipes and seems to handle every song you hand him with class and style. Ranks among my favourite singers! Bass player Dennis Ward (whom I believe to originate from the USA) has build up an impressive resume as an engineer and producer. A job he handles here as well. Guitar player Alfred Koffler (giant tones live by the way) is German (the country where the band is officially hosted) and drummer Kosta Zafiriou has a very Greek name.

But all this info should be Greek to you, as this is all about music. Songs and melodies. And yes, I don´t mind if a band rocks out as well. Well, this would not have become a feature if the boys wouldn´t deliver us just that.
I think this is a massive album, with all songs winners. So little use to naming titles, every rock lovers home should have this, as it is an essential piece of Euro hard rock. Electrifying so to speak…