Classic: Prophet, Cycle Of The Moon, 1988

prophet - cycle of the moonWow, just realised it has been  a long time since I last pulled an album out of the closet to present here as a classic. And what better album than this, the second Prophet album Cycle Of The Moon? Presented  by another great Hugh Syme cover, I found it remarkable how many of the songs I still know by heart. Talking of staying power…

With the core of singer Russel Arcara, bass player Scott Metaxas, and Ken Dubman on guitars, joined by Michael Sterlacci on drums and Joe Zujkoswki on keys, the band delivered a combination of melodic rock and progressive rock that I still find irresistible. From the progressive side of things we get the arrangements, breaks, solos and unexpected twists, and the melodic side brings us massive choruses and melodies that nest themselves in your head and just refuse to leave.
Just the opening trio of the title track, Can´t Hide Love and On The Run, are worth the money for this disk (which got a much deserved remastered rerun in 2011 from Z Records). But also the (semi-)ballads Sound Of A Breaking Heart or Tomorrow Never Comes should have been huge and propelled these guys into stardom. And the list goes on as there is not a weak track among the 10 on offer (the remastered version has one extra).

I think that after this only a rarities album was released. Arcara went on to release some solo work (also enjoyable), but the rest seems missing in action. Or at least I lost sight. If you are into quality rock and don´t mind a turn left or right, this is one for you!


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  1. Russell, Scott, Kenny playing as Edgar Cayce, Saturday, June 29th, 2013, 3:00pm, Headliners in Neptune, NJ. Absolutely love this band, as Prophet as Edgar Cayce, in any form. Quick note – on September 25th, 1981, my friends and I saw George Thoroughgood, Journey and the Stones in Philly. Drove home after the show to Staten Island, and went to the Factory to see this band called Prophet. Will drive from NC this weekend to see them in Neptune, and trying to find a way to get to England in October.

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