Classic: Queen, A Night At The Opera, 1975

queen - a night at the operaHey, it was inevitable that this record would show up in this series, or not? I mean, Bohemian Rhapsody is known all over the world and makes it into the annual top 1000 of all time with ease, even mostly top 3!

And you know what, often bands are accused of being to versatile. Well, Queen made a career of that! I mean, Opener Death On Two Legs is a menacing hard rock tune, next is Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon, a cabaretesque piano work out in 50’s style. You´re My Best Friend is an instant pop song and’ 39 is a wonderful acoustic work out. Love Of My Life is as beautiful a ballad as any and with The Prophet´s Song we even get a more progressive track!
And that is not to say there are about a million vocals on the album. And in respect of the time it was made in, a bloody marvellous job as well (no digital 96 track studios then people!). And the changes of style continue, yet still this is Queen.

The four some with the sadly missed Freddy Mercury on vocals and piano, Brian May on guitars, the steady John Deacon on bass and powerhouse Roger Taylor on drums and high pitched vocals created a sound that will never be mistaken for anything else than theirs.

And it really don´t matter which album you take, sure there is something for you there. I may not know much, but one thing is for sure, this is essential stuff and will still be played after we are all gone….