Classic: Rainbow, Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll, 1978

rainbow - long live rock n rollIt’s about time I pay some respect to some of my favourite guitar players and singers. Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio (may he rest in peace), a winning combination. And let us not forget the rest of the band with immense powerhouse Cozy Powell (r.i.p) on drums, Bob Daisley on bass and David Stone on keyboards.

Back in the day I bought this album on vinyl and could not stop playing it. After the switch to CD’s I bought it again and still listen to it from time to time.

To me it is textbook material. A perfect guide to making a classic rock album if there is any. From the instant opening riff of the title track, setting the mood, especially after Ronnie letting us know it’s “All Right”… You get melodic choruses, awe inspiring guitar solo’s all over the place, hard rocking riffs like Kill The King, the awesome voice of Dio, more progressive tracks like Gates Of Babylon, slow burning work out’s like L.A. Connection, and a honourable mention of one of rock’s most intense ballads in the form of Rainbow Eyes. I still get goosebumbs to this day, and that song is over 30 years old. Quite an achievement.

Of course the band members have pleased the crowds with a lot more desirable material over the years. And with Dio and Powell gone, and Blackmore playing minstrel, it’s a good thing we have this to remember them by!