Classic: Rush, Signals, 1982

Rush - SignalsWhat better way to start the new year than with one of my favourite bands of all time, Canadian power trio Rush. With the back catalogue they have, it is virtually impossible to pick out that one outstanding album. They have a lot of those actually. So I decided to go for the album with the first song I ever learned to play, in this case 1982 album Signals and the song being Subdivisions, the albums’ opener.

Starting with that powerful sequence of brass typed keyboards, soon followed by guitar and drums, before Geddy Lee starts singing. Mid tempo, but still a damn catchy tune. Next is The Analog Kid, full on and with a inspiring story. Lyrics have always been important to the guys, and on this album we again find a couple of beauties (quite common for Rush). My personal fave being the lyric to Losing It. Which in itself is already a beautiful slow paced song, with a glorious violin solo, and the picture painted in the text only adding to the total result. Other topics are the exploration of space in Countdown, communication in Chemistry, and the Digital Man kinda speaks for itself.
This album showed Rush relying more heavily on keyboards, thus introducing the next stage. Still a fantastic album to listen to and a band that just won’t get old and continues to inspire many…