Classic: Saga, Silent Knight, 1980

saga - silent knightWhen a number of songs out of 8 are kind of obligatory in a live set, even after over 30 years, you know you have done something special. And Saga sure did something special with Silent Knight. And no, I am not referring to the obvious play with words here.

On this classic album, those 3 songs are Don’t Be Late (Chapter Two), What’s It Gonna Be, and Careful Where You Step. But then I am leaving out personal favourite Compromise, and one of the other chapters: Too Much To Lose (Chapter 7). I will not be delving into the story behind the chapters here, that is something for another day.
The sound of Saga really come into fruition with this album and it’s successor Heads Or Tales (which some regard as their trademark album). For me Saga are that gentleman voice and melodies of Michael Sadler, the flashy and instant recognisable guitar playing of Ian Crighton and the fast fingers of keyboard player Jim Gilmour. But all based on the framework often laid out by Jim Crighton and held together by the steady drums of Steve Negus. Always melodic so for a progressive band they are very accessible. And yet, with the prowess within the band, some stunning work is never far away.

I cannot imagine anyone into prog not knowing these guys. But if that is you, start with this one and the mentioned Heads Or Tales and then move back and forth in their discography. You will not regret it.