Classic: Seal, 2nd album, 1994

seal - 2For me easily one of the best pop albums to be released in the nineties, this is a fantastic showcase of the talent of English singer Seal. Again produced by the imaginative Trevor Horn (Buggles, Yes) this second self titled album holds many a hit.

Of course the best known track will be that wonderful song Kiss From A Rose. Which in itself is worth the price of this album alone. But luckily for us there are many more tracks on here that have that ever lasting quality. The album opens fittingly with the song Bring It On. It’s bass line supports the up-tempo track to maximise impact. Next track Prayer For The Dying is another prime slice of the beautiful marriage of pop melodies with intelligent arrangements. And again a great driving bass line. Of course I will not need to say much about the soulful voice of Seal himself. Dream In Metaphors is softer in style and a damn fine vehicle to showcase just that vocal talent. And still there is more to come. Joni Mitchell stars in If I Could, Jeff Beck handles some guitar duties and Wendy and Lisa (Prince) are considered principle players.
In Seal’s own words: the album he always dreamed of. Beautiful!