Classic: Shooting Star, It´s Not Over, 1991

shooting star - it´s not overOne of my favourite albums from the early nineties is this one from American melodic rock band Shooting Star. Opening with the title track, the heat is on with a catchy chorus, a subtle middle section and a short solo. And things are finished off with some nice gang styled vocals. Next is Believe In Me, that has a little of Signal (with Mark Free) to it. So keyboards, guitars and another chorus that hits home. We Can´t Wait Forever is a ballad with massive keyboard backing. Here singer Keith Mitchell proves he can carry the weight of a slow track as well as the more up tempo stuff.

A title like Rebel With A Cause says it all I think. It might be a simple song in structure, but it checks the right boxes in this genre. Still it is a good thing that on Dancing On The Edge the keyboards return to the front and shine on the beautiful intro. Which gets taken over by another guitar riff and another great vocal delivery. Always reminds me a bit of Giuffria this. So a touch of pomp one could say.

A total of 10 tracks bring us a nice 45 minutes of rock music that still sounds as good today as it did when it came out. So hasn´t aged at all and is still a joy to hear from start to finish. Own it!