Classic: Simple Minds, Sparkle In The Rain, 1983

Simple Minds - Sparkle In The RainSo now on for something completely different; one of my favourite eighties albums by the Simple Minds. I can still vividly remember them playing that famous bass line opening of Waterfront. And then after 7 or 8 seconds the drums kick in with the rest of the band.. Play it LOUD! A magnificent way to get a crowd going if you ask me. Paired with Up On The Catwalk, you have two hammer songs at hand that still bring back a lot of fond memories of that time period. I can safely say that this album is responsible for me still buying almost all of their output, even to this very day. Also special is that 3 members are still on board (I think), besides singer Jim Kerr that would be Charles Burchill on guitars and Mel Gaynor on drums.

But don´t let my first paragraph fool you into thinking that there are only two worth while songs on offer. No, a lot of songs have that drive that hooks you to them, like Speed Your Love To Me or Book Of Brilliant Things. But also a track like East At Easter has that spell binding quality because of that mysterious arrangement with the guitar strumming through the keyboards and bass line, and with a drum focussing on the arrangement rather that the beat.
And yes, the production from Steve Lillywhite sounds like the timeframe this was released in. With a lot of keyboards and guitars being a little blurred, making it hard to hear what is which. But do I care when a record brings a smile to my face every time I hear it?
Great stuff!

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