Classic: The Eric Gales Band, Picture Of A Thousand Faces, 1993

eric gales band - picture of a 1000 facesGuitar players that add a lot of groove and feel to their style can usually expect my admiration. Especially when they still know how to rock!
Guitarist and singer Eric Gales is one of those guys. Rooted in blues and funk, groove and feel are spread in abundance. And still this album manages to rock big time.

Take opener Paralyzed for example, Jimi Hendrix would dig it for sure. And the chorus, with it’s melodic phrases, keeps you humming for days. Next track Angel Of The Night starts with beautiful light tones. Gales’ voice sounds warm and the acoustic guitar adds a lot of colour to this song. The title track is again a more rocking affair. With a great bass riff by the way. Flea would have been proud. And did I mention Gales is damn fine soloist? Wah solo here, cool! Then God Only Knows follows. And what beautiful stratocaster sounds here. Chilling mood, with guitars to match. This grabs you by the throat big time.
Next is the Beatles tune I Want You (She’s So Heavy). More prove of the talent in this band. And so well done, it fits the rest of the album seamlessly.

The CD continues with this quality. So anyone into Hendrix infused rock with a lot of authenticity, check this out!