Classic: The Quest, Change, 1996

the quest - changeThis time in the classic series another album I think far too little people are actually aware of. The Quest, to my knowledge, released 2 albums, this being their second. Labelled as classic prog, or progressive rock, I feel this is one of the best albums in that category. And that on the now lost melodic rock label Now & Then! The reason for that is probably very simple, the music from this gents has a very melodic quality to it.

There are more complex parts, but it is obvious this band cares for the song, and everything is used to enhance that. They are very competent musicians though I believe only keyboard player Graham Woodcock is still somewhat involved in the music world. Could be wrong though.
I like the guitar work of Chris Dorman a lot here. A mix between Petrucci (Dream theater) and Crighton (Saga), his playing is always spot on. The vocals of Steve Murray are very catchy and lift this band up. So even when there is a lot going on, you are always able to connect to the songs. Pete Dunn on bass and Andy Coffey on drums provide the backbone with their seamless interaction.

Opener Change is a great way to get introduced to the style of the band, and follow up Inner Room continues that with ease. Next track Turn Away is THE song to hear from this band. Opening in DT fashion with bass hammering and fast changing structures and pace, we are led to an incredible chorus that never gets old. So we are 3 songs into the album, and all has been great. And does that mean the rest is of lesser quality. Of course not, these are the Classic series after all! Moods changing a lot,  as are song lengths. A perfect album to spend a lot of time with on a rainy afternoon…