Classic: The Violet Hour, The Fire Sermon, 1991

the violet hour - the fire sermonThe wonderful Doris Brendel album I posted about earlier, reminded me to pick up this album. Quite logical really, as she is the singer for this band. As well as plays flute (flageolet) and guitar. By the way that flute gives the music a folkish vibe at time. Like it does for Jethro Tull for instance. And like with Tull sometimes, it is quite an undertaking to label this album. That is why I choose the symphonic rock tag.

First song Dream Of Me is a beautiful gentle piece with flute and violin (keyboard probably as no player is mentioned). and of course the soaring vocals of Doris hit home also. Very tasty melodies, both instrumentally as vocally. Piano is another instrument often heard. The Spell starts with it and the song slowly builds. The use of brass here is also a nice feature. Again a track with great use of dynamics. By A River gives us some more rocking guitar, whilst still being a calm piece. Could Have Been is another showcase of the instrumentation put to effective use. I must mention the fabulous bass playing as well. In all the tracks by the way. And again the melodies strike the right chord.
Next is Offertory Song, which follows the same route as before. Yet develops in more rocking moments again. Though the constant switching of light and dark continues. Falling has more tempo to it, and impresses with it´s clever arrangement again. The finale is appealing and reminded me of Kansas. More upbeat tracks are Ill Wind Blowing and Better Be Good, but also other tracks have some quicker moments.

So an inspiring album with stunning melodies and rich in colours. Hunt it down!