Classic: Thin Lizzy, Renegade, 1981

thin lizzy - renegadeThis band will need little introduction. But I am sure some will question me picking just this title from the Lizzy back catalogue for my Classic series.
But to me the addition of Darren Wharton (Dare) on keyboards and Snowy White on guitar, gives this album a little extra. The excellent shuffle of drummer Brian Downey has always been underrated in my humble opinion. He deserves a little extra attention. The band is completed by Scott Gorham on guitars. As we all know, Thin Lizzy´s main man Phil Lynott is a very competent singer, song writer and bass player. The band is famous for the double lead solo´s and there are plenty of those here as well.

Renegade opens with that spooky synthesiser intro to Angel Of Death. The lyrics are an interesting read. If I remember correctly, Lynott´s dad was a soldier. Some very cool interludes here as well.
Next tracks are textbook Lizzy. Especially Hollywood and Leave This Town deserved to be huge at the time. With Fats we get a track with a special vibe. The excellent (almost fret-less sounding) bass playing here proves a perfect base for this homage to Fats Domino. And the piano playing by Wharton is also beautiful.
The classic guitar intro to Mexican Blood is a great way to set the mood for this track. The keyboards add a fine texture to this already addictive love story.
The album closes in style with It´s Getting Dangerous. Another track that sucks you into it. Wonderful arrangement and vocal performance. The chorus will haunt you for days. ” I remember him when we were friends, when we were young, way back then”… chilling!