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Classic: Triumph, The Sport Of Kings, 1986

triumph - the sport of kingsYeah I know, with a back catalogue like that of Canadians Triumph, it is pretty hard to pick just the one album that tells you all you need to know about this band. So, as I think this one ranks among their finest work ever, I grabbed my copy and started listening again.

And when the intro of Tears In The Rain starts, I am already in a far off place. It will never seize to amaze me how capable this trio was. With Rik Emmett on guitars and vocals, Mike Levine on bass and keyboards and Gil Moore on drums and vocals, they were in fact a serious contender for the throne of that other famous Canadian trio.

And even if that never happened, it was not for the lack of great songs.  I Mean: Somebody´s Out There! Great riff and chorus, catchy as hell and just plain timeless. What Rules My Heart, ditto. A bit more heavy, but still, wow. If Only shows great emotion, from the opening guitar notes, to the ghostly backing vocals ” if only wishes would come true”… Hooked On You is a party rock song Triumph style. The vocals exchanging parts, with Rik as usual doing the high parts and Gil delivering the more earthy lines. Take A Stand, or the instrumental Embrujo…

For me there is no sense in naming all the tracks, this is a record every serious lover of all things rock should own. Period! And since they seem back together, we might even get some new music…