Classic: Tyketto, Don´t Come Easy, 1991

Tyketto - Don't Come EasyThe track that starts this album really did get the ball rolling for the band. Of course I am talking about Forever Young. Maybe not the hit it deserved to be, but still very popular among the rock aficionados around here. And thus found itself on my band´s live set for years. And you know what, there are several songs of that calibre on offer. I mean, the choruses for Wings, or Burning Down Inside are to die for as well. The latter also enjoying another phenomenal solo by guitar player Brooke St. James.

Another big feature are of course the mighty vocals of Danny Vaughn. His pipes have enriched many a record to date. The band rhythmic backbone is provided by Michael Clayton on drums and Jimi Kennedy on bass. And all of the boys sing backings.

The wealth of material here is testament of the classic nature of this record. Every song a winner, with mighty melodies, power and variety. The ballad Standing Alone is present on more of their albums, so popular it became among the fans. All in an effort to find the winning version that would propel them into stardom.

Alas none of that did ever happen. Yet it was never about the songs, the live performances, or the professionalism. Mere a factor of wrong time. Still, the album sounds as fresh as when I first heard it, so it belongs to every rock fan’s collection!