Classic: U2, The Unforgettable Fire, 1984

u2 - the unforgettable fireOf course U2 need no introduction. A band that is already legendary. Music wise because of albums like this one and tours around the world in big arenas. But also because of the work singer Bono does before camera in the more political arenas.
But politics are best left to people who are into, well politics, this blog is about music.

The band U2 can be characterized by the singing and lyrics of Bono, the guitar playing and sounds of The Edge, and the rhythm section of Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton on drums and bass. I bought this album because of the track Pride (In The Name Of Love), but grew very fond of the rest as well. So fond I was absolutely certain I owned the album. Which recently turned out to be not true. But that was quickly fixed, so here we go.

Opener A Sort Of Homecoming is a slow starter to welcome you to the album. Not in tempo, but in mood. Next track Pride is one of the band’s bigger hits and rightly so. Still gives me the chills every time I hear it. Next is Wire, which is more reminiscent of the groups previous work. The title track is also a corker. A beautiful soft intro that breaks into another timeless U2 tune: ” Ice your only rivers run cold“. They have that way with words, groove and melody that gives them an unique identity. And hugely successful one might add. Promenade and 4th Of July are moody tracks to lead us into Bad. The opening riff is The Edge all over. And the singing will touch anyone who opens up to it. Not to be touched means you do not listen, such is it´s beauty.
I guess everybody already owns this. In case you are one of the few that don´t: why?