Classic: Warp Drive, Gimme Gimme, 1989

warp drive - gimme gimmeWhile digging through my CD collection, I stumbled upon this 1989 release of a band called Warp Drive titled Gimme Gimme. Who? Yeah I know, but I like this little gem very much.

As the title suggests glam / hair rock, I think this is selling them short. First track Bang The Drum hints at Def Leppard or Bon Jovi, but the album reveals this are a bunch of talented individuals, with a lot more in the bag. Which raises the questions “where have they gone” and “why didn´t they enjoy more succes”.  Both I cannot answer I´m afraid. Though I do believe another record was released last year, 20 year later!

Back in the day this was one of my favourite albums and I played it a lot. Revisiting that always brings back fond memories. I am sure you will recognize that. Track I 4 U still is a heartbreaking declaration of love, with a great guitar solo. Crying Girl starts with  unbelievable funky bass slapping Mark King of Level 42 would have been proud of. The lyric is funny and the riffing is fast and furious. Tracks Words has a very unique arrangement with fret-less bass and clean guitars taking centre stage beside the haunting vocals, all building to a heavily processed guitar solo.
Overall a lot of effects are used on the guitars. But that may be due to the times it was recorded in.

Tracks like Eyes On You, Take, Take Me Now or Rock ‘n The Boat are rocking tunes with catchy choruses and Making Time Stand Still is another example of a powerful track with a healthy dose of effects on a lot of different instruments. Though opinions may vary on that comment 😉 And again some fantastic fret work present.

I would have loved to hear more music from this outfit, so will have to dig up their current release to find out how that sounds. Shame they fell off the radar in the years in between!