Classic: World Trade, Same, 1989

world tradeAhhh, again wonderful memories flow. Can´t believe this album is already 22 years old. It still sounds as fresh as it did then! I totally dig the sound of this band. That winning combination of epic songs on progressive ground, crossed with the sensibilities of mighty pop melodies. Band leader Billy Sherwood later joined Yes, and that band is a bit of a reference here. But as World Trade are American, they have a more heavy sound. Which adds a lot to their charm. But also the keyboards here are put to full use, as are the (backing) vocals. The production on this is stellar and withstood the tests of time spotless. Oh, and I must not forget to mention that Bruce Gowdy and Guy Allison from Unruly Child are part of this band!

So from the opening sequences of The Painted Corner to set the mood, to the spell bending declaration that The Moment Is Here, we Can’t Let You Go. The band have created a set of songs that bring everything to the table we as progressive lovers can wish for. Musicianship, light and dark, daring arrangements, power, melody, you name it. Essential stuff if you ask me.

World Trade made another album that alienated a lot of people because of the peculiar mix. I like that one too, as I do practically all output that has Billy Sherwood involved, be it solo, or with bands like Circa, Conspiracy et al.
You know what to do!