Classic: Yes, Fragile, 1972

yes - fragileIt is a little step from the previously discussed classical guitar work to this, the Fragile album album by Yes. After all, it is about the same instrument opening this wonderful album. I have a remastered edition, which does full justice to the musicianship and the timeless sound of this classic.

That first song, Roundabout, is of course one of the more known tracks from Yes and this album in particular. It can also serve of a perfect example what Yes is about. After all we hear trademarks like classical guitar and electric guitar solo´s (Steve Howe) lightning fast keyboard wizardry (Rick Wakeman), angelic vocals (Jon Anderson) and also heavenly vocal harmonies. And let´s not forget the masterful bass playing and drumming, courtesy of Chris Squire and Bill Bruford.
The various members of the band all get their moment to shine. Tracks like Cans And Brahms, We Have Heaven, Five Per Cent For Nothing and The Fish were purposely recorded for that very reason. But we also get prime symphonic tracks like South Side Of The Sky and Heart Of The Sunrise. Or that brooding track Long Distance Runaround.

Yes knew how to keep things fresh and tie in the fans. So they not only excelled at their instrument of choice, but also managed to write and record numerous classic albums. This being one of them…

2 thoughts on “Classic: Yes, Fragile, 1972

  1. great memories with this album. Bought it not knowing much about the music. Discovered an amazing world.
    Many joints went up in smoke all for the good!

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