Cloudscape, Global Drama, 2008

Cloudscape - Global DramaThis is to my belief the oh so important 3rd album by these Swedish progressive metallers. Cloudscape have a trump card in singer Mike Andersson. A man blessed with an intense vocal delivery and a bunch of tricks up his sleeve to enrich even the most difficult melody. The band as a whole can be regarded as a merciless riffing machine. And yet hold the power to dose their efforts to keep attracting the listeners.

So you will have understood by know I really like the band and the music they produce. For the most part it is because they focus on songs rather than show off their technical abilities. Which we still get to hear enough off. And I have said it before and will most likely say it again: music should always be about songs. Technique is a means and not a goal in itself. But that is just my 2 cents of course.

So back to Cloudscape: I recommended them to every fan of the genre. They know what they are doing and do it very well. Again a very enjoyable album, so get a hold of it.