Coldspell, Out From The Cold, 2011

coldspell - out from the coldA fairly new contender in the music business are these guys from Sweden. Judging from the name my guess would be from the north ;-). Out From The Cold is their second album and it is full of high energy hard rocking melodic tracks. Michael Larsson on guitars is probably the main character within the band, as he is the principle songwriter. Lead vocals are handled by Niclas Swedentorp, who has a pleasant midrange voice. Completing the band areĀ  Anders Lindmark on bass, Perra Johansson on drums and Matti Eklund on keyboards.

Though the songs are accessible and mostly in the 4 to 5 minute range, I cannot say they took the easy route and delivered archetype songs. It all sounds fresh and inspired and the all to obvious routines are cleverly avoided. And when most of the songs still hit home hard, it can only mean they are doing it right. So if melodic hard rock is right up your alley and you have not heard of these guys before, this is a safe buy!

Personal play tips: Heroes, Six Feet Under, The King.