Common Ground, Take 3, 2004

common ground - take 3Sometimes people come up with really funny shit: “this CD is so potent, if you are an ovulating female, you might wanna listen with caution”…Alas I can´t be the judge of that, but should there be anyone out there with the proof of this claim, I´d like to know!
A bit more serious then: I suspect a lot of people tend to take independent bands not all too seriously. After all, ´if they were really good, they would have a record contract now won´t they?`. Right. Like if most of what is in the top 40 is real quality… Oh sorry, better not go there. Well should anybody need proof that a lot of these independents really deliver the goods I recommend you check out Common Ground.

Self described as being a mix of Foo Fighters and Jellyfish (the band that is) the Texan boys crank up the distortion and churn out a healthy dose of radio friendly rock. Talking of Texas, while listening to this I was often reminded of fellow country mates King´s X. Maybe less rifftastic and metal, but they share the desire to groove, a somewhat similar guitar sound and the use of a lot of harmony vocals. So I also understand the link to Jellyfish. So yes, 14 songs that are real easy to get into, executed with class and finesse. Really liked it, and it was available for an unbeatable price like most of their back catalogue. So grab a copy pronto! Hey and you support an independent which will make you feel real good about yourself.


4 thoughts on “Common Ground, Take 3, 2004

      1. Thanks Peter! We hope to be coming out with something new soon! You’ll be one of the first to hear it. When you get a chance, go to CDBaby or iTunes and check out the song “Not Me”. Here is a video link:

        Steven Rosas
        Common Ground
        Direct Resonance Recording Studio, LLC

        1. Hello Steven,

          thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. I already knew the track Not Me as Bill suggested listening to it a while back. Cool track by the way. little different then this album, but still a great vibe.
          Looking forward to hearing new material!

          Cheers, Peter

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