Constancia, Final Curtain, 2015

Constancia - Final CurtainDue to postal problems I received this CD fairly late, but better late than never, right? And in  this case I am really happy it arrived as I spent the last couple of days playing this back to back on every moment possible. This might quite simply be one of the best albums Melodic Rock Records have released so far.

Now that is a pretty bold statement, especially considering the wealth of material available from the label. So allow me to explain. We all expect melodic rock to be melodic, have catchy choruses, a good singer, quality guitar and keyboards, the lot. But I find that within those requirements, some bands deliver just that and nothing more. Resulting in a nice and solid album, but nothing special.
What sets this release apart from those is that it not only ticks all the right boxes, but manages to deliver a few extra treats that make for an outstanding album in my humble opinion. First is that the keyboards not only serve a supporting role, but manage to add to the songs, spice things up. Second are the arrangements of the band. Maybe sometimes a bit influenced by prog, but these songs bring just that little more excitement to the table, without losing in impact in the melodic department.

So really a no brainer and an essential purchase, buy at all cost!