Coppelius, Zinnober, 2010

coppelius - zinnoberOne of the joys of doing this, is the opportunity to bring unknown music to the fore. Well this is another perfect example of that. But first a question: do you think a band consisting of cello, upright bass, clarinets, drums and vocals can a) rock, b) sound like nothing you have ever heard before, or c) is something special?

Well, to me the right answer is d) all of the above. This outfit looks too crazy to work, but in reality this kicks major ass. Unique in many ways, yet rocks your socks off easily. The use of the German language does not distract at all (for me understanding that is easy, but that will not apply to everyone). It is a pity German is also the only language in which they correspond in booklet and website, but I am guessing that market is big enough for them to exist viably.

So if you like your music with a twist (think a mixture of progressive rock / metal / alternative / classical) and are not afraid to listen to songs you do not understand the lyrics of, but enjoy groove, melody and just powerful music, this might also be a great discovery for you. Go check it out! (I put a video from this album here a while ago).