Crescent Shield, The Stars Of Never Seen, 2009

Crescent Shield - The Stars Of Never SeenThis is, to my knowledge, the second album by this four piece around guitar player and all around busy guy Dan Delucie (also recording, mixing, etc. Mmhmm sounds like someone I know…)

It is fairly simple to describe this: HEAVY METAL! Yeah, if the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal did not pass you by unnoticed, then I guess this is straight up your alley. In fact this sounds so 100% textbook proof, it is scary. This is galloping drums, blistering guitar solo´s, heavy riffing in typical style, and vocals wailing melodies like a werewolf.

Don´t expect Crescent Shield to mess with other sounds, influences or styles.  Forget experiments or cross over merging. No, they stay true to the formula and pull it off with class. If you grew up on this, you´ll love it. Others may find it limited.
So nothing more to tell about this really. Only a warning up front; this stuff will nest inside your system within a few plays and make you howl along…. just watch the stars

Personal play tips: just hit play.