Cryonic Temple, Immortal, 2008

Cryonic Temple - ImmortalI guess this is a case of ‘ what you see is what you get’ . So yes metal it is. Lots of double kick, galloping riffs and soaring vocals.
A lot of the material is pretty straight forward with little surprises (Immortal, Standing Tall). Some songs are better than others, but that is mainly due to the fact they are in a different tempo and or have more progressive influences like the tracks Beg Me or As I Sleep.

For lovers of the style and for completists, this is a nice addition to the melodic metal stack.  It is certainly not bad, but I feel it lacks an identity of their own. Too often I am reminded of other, better known bands, without being able to pinpoint names. Which is in a way a compliment after all. So final verdict nice but not essential.