Crystal Eyes, Chained, 2008

CRYSTAL EYES - CHAINEDThere must be a reason why so many bands from Sweden really excel at what they do. I mean, take a look at the cover on the left. Breathes metal doesn´t it?
And that is exactly what we get with this release. And while I was tempted to not have all my hopes up too high, Crystal Eyes are another proof of how a band can be very good at what they do, even without bringing something new to the table.

So this leaves us with a highly entertaining album with everything in the right place. Very comfortable, very recognisable, well produced, well written and well played, so just very good. This is metal in it´s purest form, even in the lyrics department.
And like I said, the boys are so good at it, it never becomes cheesy. Last track Guardian is an exception to the rule, as it is a wonderful low key ballad like track that oozes feel.
So for anyone into all things metal, grab a copy and get that party going!