Crystalline Dream, Seventh Chakra, 2019

crystalline dream - seventh chakraBeen a while since some kind of instrumental ambient / new age typed music arrived. But here we have Crystalline Dream, which is in essence Richard Ross and guests. As far as I can tell this is his fourth album under this moniker. With of course 7 tracks, all clocking in at around 7 minutes.

Opener Grounding is a slow and brooding track. The addition of a guitar finger picking throughout, while the sequencers ebb and flow, is a bit surprising. And on the other hand, the addition of flute(s) is something I hear a lot in chilled music. More flutes on Sensual Waters, the longest track. There is a bit of chirping going on in the first minutes, as well as something that sounds like monks chanting in the background. My guess is that this would be perfect background music for meditating.
Next up is Inner Will, where son Korey Ross (see Volte) adds guitars. For me the combination of percussive sounds with the synth pad layers and the guitar playing really works well. There is also more melody in this one, which always suits me more.
It will not come as a surprise the remaining tracks work just as well within this described frame.

So there you go. Anyone looking for new music to relax to, for meditation, or just to enjoy some chilled sounds, have a listen to this!