D´AccorD, Self Titled, 2009

d´accord - sameThe Norwegians of D´AccorD were so kind as to send me their 2 albums they released so far. Their first one, only bearing the band´s name, was released in 2009 and contains 5 songs that together give us almost 45 minutes of seventies symphonic rock.
That means some long songs, mellotron, hammond, flute, vintage guitars and that warm analogue sound. First impression is they must be into bands like Jethro Tull, Queen, Genesis and cohorts, because that is what it reminded me of at first play.

First song is Play By The Hall Rules and manages to capture the listeners attention the whole 12 + minutes. Not bad! Lots of dynamics of course, with Mellotron playing centre stage with haunting sounds. Next up is This Is The One that has a lot of early Jethro Tull references. Of course any band with a flute will hear that. But I don´t think they copy. It is more of an inspiration I think. So the song still stand on it´s own and does not resemble anything by Tull. Next is Bin, a slow song at first that builds into another Tull reference, with flute breathing and all. Still many good ideas, with fun instrumental parts where sometimes a little freaky guitar is unleashed. Time To Play opens with a Fender Rhodes like sound before the band kicks in. Many sides to this again, and another one that proves they know how to keep their audience interested.   Last one is called Capitale Venditio and with over 13 minutes is the longest track on offer.

A band that carries their influences on their sleeves, but still write good original songs that provide a good listening experience. For anyone who still loves the seventies to death, a safe buy! I am looking forward to their recent release Helike, which you can expect the coming weeks.